Staff Bios

Amanda O’Dea, Editor In Chief

Amanda O’Dea finishes her third year of journalism as co-Editor-in-Chief. As a former staff writer and Entertainment Editor, The Thunderbolt has played an integral role in Amanda’s high school experience, pushing her out of her comfort zone and to defend what she believes in. Amanda has written all sorts of articles for The Thunderbolt, covering issues as complex as Teacher Housing, and as immensely important as determining which Millbrae Boba shop is actually the best. Amanda is confident that this year The Thunderbolt will move closer towards its goal of becoming a full-fledged media platform for all things Mills. While she is graduating this year, The Thunderbolt will always hold a special place in Amanda’s heart.

Daniel Xuereb, Editor in Chief

Daniel Xuereb (11) is in his third year of Journalism and is in his first year as the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Thunderbolt. As part of the Thunderbolt crew, Daniel has been able to grow and develop his writing and leadership skills that he’ll use to guide the amazing Thunderbolt staff writers and editors to create the primer high school newspaper the Bay has ever seen. Daniel is a “nice and funny” person that would love to hear your ideas for any article ideas that you may have. If you see him in the halls and he isn’t in a perpetual state of existentialism which he often finds himself in, just say hi… he might ignore you but do it anyway

Sarah Chang, News Editor

Sarah Chang is a current junior and the News editor and Business Manager of The Thunderbolt at Mills High School. This is her third year in journalism, second as a business manager and first as a news editor. She is excited to collaborate with talented writers and editors of the Thunderbolt team and hopes that you enjoy the newspaper!

Rachel Lam, Features Editor

Rachel Lam is currently a junior at Mills High School and the Features editor for the Thunderbolt. She is passionate about reading, writing, and working with children. In her free time, Rachel enjoys playing soccer, eating strawberries, and sleeping. This year in Journalism, she is aspiring to improve both her writing and leadership skills. She is excited to work with the Thunderbolt team and hopes that you enjoy the newspaper!

Ezra Chan, Center Spread Editor

Ezra is a junior at Mills and the Center Spread editor for The Thunderbolt. If she had to choose three words to describe herself she would probably choose hardworking, shy, and curious, though Sarah would describe her as unique, “because it is a nicer way to say weird.” Outside of school she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, volunteering with the Leos club, participating in robotics, eating chocolate of all kinds but white, and failing at sewing. She is also an avid reader of anything and everything but is extremely indecisive and can’t choose a favorite book. She is looking forward to working with all the amazing people in the class this year!

Anjuli Niyogi, Opinions Editor

Anjuli Niyogi is a current sophomore at Mills High School and the Opinions editor of The Thunderbolt. This is her second year in Journalism and is thrilled to be working with a talented team of editors and staff writers. Anjuli is looking forward to improving the Thunderbolt’s general quality and content with her peers. She is an avid student and hopes she can better her community through her participation in the San Mateo County Youth Commission and Mills High School’s Leadership. In her free time you can find her cooking, playing jazzy piano pieces, and binge watching The Office.

Leanna Yu, Culture Editor

Leanna Yu is a second-year journalism student and is the current Culture Editor of The Thunderbolt. While seemingly contradictory, Leanna is enthusiastic and conscientious, and is eager to work with her journalism peers who share a passion for writing. Leanna enjoys reading long drawn out epic novels, getting her freshly manicured nails dirty gardening, and traveling in comfort when she’s not diligently writing articles for The Thunderbolt. Leanna quietly focuses on the positive and the good in others, and hopes that you will enjoy reading the newspaper as much as she does!J

Jessica Lin, Athletics Editor and Chief of Media

Jessica Lin is currently in her second year of Journalism after finally being able to join the class last year. She is honored to be the Sports Editor and Chief of Media because her favorite aspects of The Thunderbolt are, by far, sports journalism and photography. Her schedule is packed this year, with college applications to finish in the fall, Varsity Badminton to captain in the spring and multiple year-round jobs, but she is determined to find time to enjoy these last few months with her friends before the Great Scattering. Her goals for The Thunderbolt this year are to spotlight more of the mind-blowingly talented Mills athletes and increase the popularity of our social media pages. Please follow us on Instagram @millsthunderbolt, Twitter @mhsthunderbolt, and Facebook @themillsthunderbolt!  

Justin Dunbar, Website Manager

Justin Dunbar, a junior,  is heading into his second year as a member of the Thunderbolt and is hoping to contribute in any way he can. He is a sports fanatic, who spends way too much of his time watching Giants, Warriors, and Saints games. Besides sports, he loves to spend time with his family, especially his well-behaved dog, Oakes. Justin expects big things from the Thunderbolt and is excited to get started!

Andrea Haro, Camera Manager

Andrea Haro is in her junior year here at  Mills, and in her third year in the Thunderbolt. As “Camera Girl”, her job is to take care of the cameras, clear the SD cards and do any other things that qualifies under the ‘Irrelevant Media’ category. In her free time, Andrea likes to fangirl over Latino Boy Band CNCO (I mean, aren’t they just gorgeous?), talk about Harry Potter and ponder the meaning of life (if there is one). She hopes you subscribe to the Thunderbolt for the low price of $30 and enjoy this year’s many editions. Don’t forget to follow us on social media @millsthunderbolt, @MHSthunderbolt

Jack Peng, Staff Writer

Jack Peng is a Junior and is in his second year of Journalism as a staff writer. His time in Journalism has allowed him to go out of his comfort zone and actually put effort in an elective. In his free time, he watches youtube, talks with his friends, listens to music, and plays Fortnite. If he isn’t grinding to get his first solo win then he is probably procrastinating by amassing the largest pile of homework. Jack hopes to make The Thunderbolt better and appealing to everyone.

Aiden Neely, Staff Writer

Aiden Neely is in his second year with the Thunderbolt and is excited for another fun year of working with the Thunderbolt team!

Abigail Sun, Staff Writer

Abigail Sun is a first year “freshy” and is very excited to work alongside some super talented people. She enjoys trying to graduate, wishing she had a puggo, and hanging out with her friends. She also tries to make photography a hobby, *shoulder shrugs*. Oh, she also loves ( to the max!!! ) drinking boba and anything to do with boba in general even though she knows it’s unhealthy. She hopes you enjoy the Thunderbolt, and hopefully you’ll even see an article or two written by yours truly.

Karine Chan, Staff Writer

Karine Chan is a sophomore and a first year staff writer for The Thunderbolt. As a freshman, Karine had wanted to do Journalism but was too afraid. Luckily, she built up the courage to sign up this year! Karine is a sweet, independent, hard-working, and at times ditzy individual. When school isn’t occupying her time, she loves to eat, listen to music, hang out with friends, and go shopping. Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Karine is currently in her second year of cross country and plans to stick with it all four years of high school. Karine is beyond ecstatic to go on this wonderful journey known as The Thunderbolt and cannot wait to learn from and get to know the beautiful people in this class.

Victoria Lin, Staff Writer

Victoria Lin is a friendly and, on occasion, funny freshman. She is excited to write articles, make comics strips, learn to take better photographs, and make the Mills Thunderbolt more appealing to a larger audience. Victoria, better known as Vicky to her peers, loves to draw, bake, spend time with her friends and family, plan surprise birthday parties, and most of all eat. She would love to travel the world, and eat all the bowls of noodles and dim sum she sees.

Kianna Cheuk, Staff Writer

Kianna Cheuk is a third year in her first year of Journalism as a staff writer. She likes to take pictures, pet dogs, play video games, and eat. On the outside she may seem shy but once you get to know her she is quite energetic. Some might even say if you close your eyes she sounds like a five year old. She is currently Vice President of Mills Interact Club and a Historian for Interact District 5150. Kianna is excited to make new friends and work with her new team, The Thunderbolt.

Giselle Kuang, Staff Writer

Giselle is a Junior and staff writer for the Mills Thunderbolt. She is looks forward to be working alongside such a nice team of other students. She chose to be a part of the Thunderbolt because she loves to read anything (including the ingredients lists on cereal boxes etc.). She spends her free time reading, drawing, being with her friends, or daydreaming. Although she may be a bit shy, most conversations involving literature would be a great ice breaker. Her current favorite book is Heartless by Marissa Meyer. She aims to write entertaining and fun articles for Mills and she’s hopeful for a delightful year!

Tyson Tran, Staff Writer

Tyson Tran is a senior in his first year of Journalism. He likes long walks on the beach and sleeping in on weekends. While on the outside he may seem uncaring and lazy, you’d be surprised to find a hardworking and caring individual with average intelligence when threatened with failing Journalism. He looks forward to serving the Thunderbolt team as a staff writer.

Stephanie Wong, Staff Writer

Stephanie is in her first year of journalism as a senior and is excited to write unique-and possibly controversial-articles for the Mills Thunderbolt. Harboring a deep passion for politics, she leads the Mills Speech and Debate Club and serves as the Executive Board Chair of San Mateo Activists Coalition (SMAC), a county-wide nonprofit that provides students with a platform for political activism. Aside from government-orientated extracurriculars, Stephanie also enjoys her role as the Disaster Cycle Services Coordinator for the American Red Cross. In her spare time, she appreciates the groundbreaking sophistication of Japanese animation (anime), as well as the emerging, competitive Esports arena. Stephanie does play actual sports, however: volleyball and kickboxing.

Rowe Eis, Staff Writer

Rowe Eis is a funny, friendly and enthusiastic writer. She is looking forward to growing and developing new skills. Although she was hesitant about joining journalism, she’s glad she ended up in this class. She hopes to contribute as much as possible, and to be the best writer she can. Along with writing, Rowe loves to hang out with friends, bake, and binge watch movies from the 80’s, along with many other basic things, like shopping at Brandy Melville and Lululemon.

Angela Dimaano, Staff Writer

Angela Dimaano is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. Angela’s position as a staff writer for the Thunderbolt was uncertain at first but after some convincing from a bright and enthusiastic former section editor, she set her sights on being in the Journalism class. Besides being confused about algebra, Angela hopes to play basketball for Mills again, become a better construction member for Robotics, and join more clubs. She looks forward to growing as a writer and a person, for (hopefully) the next 3 years in journalism!   

Leo Schroeder, Staff Writer

Leo Schroeder is a junior who is new to journalism.  He looks forward to writing compelling stories for the Thunderbolt.  Leo is a captain of the Cross Country team at Mills. He wishes to bring less popular sports into the spotlight of the Mills community. He greatly enjoys bike rides on the bay. Leo also loves good food, such as Pho and Hot Pot.

Marc McDaniel, Staff Writer

Marc McDaniel is a freshman staff writer for the Mills Thunderbolt, and couldn’t be more thrilled to contribute. He hopes to improve his writing, and have the opportunity to talk about fun topics. Also, Marc enjoys competing and watching sports — especially basketball and soccer — and would like to write about Mills’ sport activities in the future. Besides athletics, he also really enjoys listening to music, except country. Marc is a total foodie, but somehow his family thinks he’s picky. In addition, he loves to act and sketch pictures of Dwayne Johnson on actual rocks. He likes to make others and himself laugh all the time even though some of his jokes don’t make a sound.

Flora Oliva, Staff Writer

Flora Oliva, after a turbulent freshman year, is shockingly enough, a sophomore at Mills and a first year staff writer. Flora, ironically, finds school to be one of her true loves, but not all marriages are easy. If you’re ever wondering where to find her she’s probably doing her favorite task of passionately complaining to Mr. Hensley of all the troubles and grievances in her life. Flora seems like your typical moody teenager but upon further inspection you’ll meet the very very talkative, and highly awkward (and beautiful) human being. She finds writing to be a place where she can truly be herself, an escape to a world where she is in control and where the worries of the past, present, and future can’t get to her. With that being said, Flora encourages you to read The Thunderbolt to see the captivating and mind-blowing (metaphorically speaking of course), stories that she and her fellow hard working peers will write.